Thursday, October 27, 2016


I'm a writer, but I cannot write
Because all the words I want to say
Are words I never should.
All the words I have to share
Are words that really hurt
They hurt me in my insides
So bad I want them out
But then they would hurt you
Oh sure, you've heard these words before
They're probably not so bad
But my words are all about you
And the people that you love
My words will crawl inside you
And they'll whisper in your head
They'll rumble in your stomach
And ache behind your eyes
They'll get inside your blood
And be in all your thoughts
My words will make you question
Everything you know
These words are meant to hurt me
And if I write them they'll hurt you

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Proof is in the Pudding

tick tick tick tick
but never any tock
chitty chitty chitty
where's my bang
so much heart
but never any blood
so much skin
but never any bone

Monday, June 24, 2013


Maybe-not right now.
Then when?
In the quiet of your mind.
I am watching HBO
Is it the one where she dies?
Of course, they're all like that.
Then why can't you change the channel?
I like to see how it happens.
You can record it for later.
No, then it doesn't feel real.


You are three times the age of 12
but the weight of your mother's heel
on the floor boards above you
is still too much to bear
in the house that you own
When your father asks-what are you going to be
when you grow up
because your title cannot be defined as "doctor" or "engineer"
You've answered one too many times to respond
You blame the sound of your husband's snoring
But you wake to watch the morning game show
that's still the same as ten years ago
though the price of gas is ten times higher
which doesn't even matter since you drive a shitty electric car
through the drive-through every morning
to feed an empty stomach
that everyone questions you about
But when you were a little girl
They always said you can be anything
you set your mind on

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Introducing Teddy


This is Teddy. He's a shih tzu/silky terrier and he's challenging Boo for cutest dog. Help him by "liking" his page

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


there is a bottomless hole
in the place where no on goes
and no one knows
i have been there a million times before
where my finger tips can't feel
in the place where nothing's real
i'm not lost here, as you might think
there is nothing here that isn't me
everything, i've ever done, or said, is here to see
twiced breathed air is hard to swallow
as you wallow through your dreams
one fall leads to another, when you're looking for a fault
it's neither hot nor cold as you undress
skin deep is not enough, if you're picking through the bones
when the salt water hits, the sting will feel so good
this is not a hole for sinking, but for drifting as you float

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Is love something you find

Like a key under a rock

Or something you lose

In the laundry, like a sock

Is it something you feel

Like pain from a burn

Or something you do

Like when you listen to learn

Is love a thought

From a reoccurring dream

Or a taste

Like fresh whipped cream

Is it a word

Like something you’ve said

Or is love a book

You’re glad you’ve read

Is love a place you can reach

Should you want to go

Or is love a thing you can see or smell

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Getting Married-May 27th

I don't usually indulge is such shameless self promotion of my persona life (professional live, why yes, of course), but when else can I get away with it than when I'm getting married. Therefore, I will take this moment to brag. Yes, we may be legally married, but this is the Wedding :)

First of all, we're having our ceremony and reception at the lovely Hostess House

Then we're going on an 11 day Intermediate cruise! Visit our honeyfund at, the free honeymoon registry

I"m so excited. I just have to get through this school year first :(

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Men being men, women being women

It’s something we’ve all forgotten how to do

I’m not talking about who you love, who you screw

I’m talking about just being you

Mommy always told us

Daddy always showed us

Now we’re holding signs that demand

Mr. President please hold our hand.

Well the President’s got other things to occupy his mind

People starving, people dying—people who were just trying

Soldiers bombing in the night

Killing children, causing fright

As we step over the bodies, hands held out

Mouths filled with nothing but shout.

We all went to school

But we’ve forgotten how to think

Carrying awards for last place

We’ve forgotten how to race

We can chant and we can cry

We learned that at knee high.

Dad broke his back

So you could be some coffee-shop-writing-hack

And mom worked so hard

So I could carry this card—

“Woe is me, Woe is me. Always the duck in this game of geese.”

Take that poetry degree

Light a match, set it on fire

Paper has no power to inspire

The pen may be mightier than the sword

But action divorces direction if it’s lost in a hoard.