Sunday, August 16, 2009

To John, Over the Years


Frances remembers when you left
the tears dropped in her oatmeal.

Frances wanted to follow the tracks you made
she was angry when i wouldn't let her.

Frances slept with your shirt tonight
she thought that she could smell you.

You should call Frances
she needs to hear your voice.

Frances took down all your pictures
she put them in a box.

Frances didn't want to go to school today
she hoped that you would take her.

Frances tried to call you
the number didn't work.

Yesterday, Frances was in a play
I saw her check the crowd for you.

Frances got her ears pierced
she didn't mention you.

it was Frances' birthday
she kept checking the mail.

Frances kissed a boy today
i don't think she wanted you to know.

Frances fell in love
she wanted to ask you a question.

the boy Frances was with left
she said he was just like you.

Frances graduated today
i thought you'd like this picture.

Frances moved into her dorm
you were nowhere on her mind.

Frances has been thinking a lot
she wondered where you were.

Frances bought a car
she asked some guy to help her.

Frances got her masters
she went somewhere for a job.

Frances moved back in
she wanted to be close.

Frances saw me writing this
she said that i should stop.

Frances met a boy
she said he's not like you.

Frances got a ring tonight
she's planning her new life.

Frances didn't want to go down the aisle
she thought that you would call.

Frances' husband bought a house
they want to start a family.

Frances said you're not invited...

i guess that's all,
um, you can write if you want.

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