Friday, February 26, 2010

The Numbers of US-for my grandparents' anniversary

The Greeks had 4 types of love
Yours, like most, started with 1 or 2
Then gradually grew to all
Necessary for the 60 years of you and he
21,900 days of unity
2 lives turned into 29
9 children became 14—
Grandchildren, resulted in 6—
Equals the sum of
A love story begun
6 decades ago
Off the coast
Of 1 continent away
On a 2-island nation
Population 636,000, as of 1950
Funny, that he should find she
That these 2 became 1
Under the Trinity of Holy Ghost, Father, Son—
Granter of innumerable blessings
To bear this pair from day 1 to eternity.


  1. I liked this one. Maybe because of all the numbers, it can be an "engineer's prose"! There is a poetic sense of wonder and mystery but also the cold, hard facts. Also in true engineering fashion, the number of days in 60 years are rounded off rather than the scientist's exact approach which would have added the extra 15 days due to leap years........