Friday, June 4, 2010

Pool (from HS years)

She stands 5’ll in a pink bathing suit
One size too big so it’s a little baggy.
Tall and slim, wearing no swim cap
Because she hates the way they look.
Hair pushed hastily back
Held in place by her ears.
Quickly she climbs the ladder
Fingers embracing cold metal.
Pulls herself up
To stand
On the white diving board.
Walks steady, slowly to the end
Toes grip the edge
Hard, so she can feel it.
The water, clear and smooth, below.
Signs read 12ft
But she can’t be sure from up here
Looking up she bounces 1,2,3 times
Testing her limits
Arms out, eyes closed
She pushes off
And feels the water getting closer.
Eyes closed, hands together
She breaks the surface, no splash.
The water opens to accept her.
Rising to the air she gasps
And swims to the ladder.
She will do this
At least five times more.

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