Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quick Quick

If I could be there then I would, if I could I would drive but I can’t so break my heart--take apart all the pieces and keep one for you.

If I was there then I would hold you till the morning and let you go so I could see your smile and the twinkle in your eye for just a tiny little while.

Quick quick slow slow, life’s a dance and this is just the pause between the steps.

Quick quick, slow slow, if I could walk there then I would and we could talk the night away. I would laugh at all the jokes you ever told because I’m bought, off the shelf, I’m sold.

But I can’t so break my heart take apart all the pieces-- keep one for you.

Quick, quick, slow slow describes when I’m with you, then when I’m not.

But if could I’d be there and if you could you’d be here, so our rhythm is still in time quick quick. Slow slow…quick quick, slow slow…