Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Is love something you find

Like a key under a rock

Or something you lose

In the laundry, like a sock

Is it something you feel

Like pain from a burn

Or something you do

Like when you listen to learn

Is love a thought

From a reoccurring dream

Or a taste

Like fresh whipped cream

Is it a word

Like something you’ve said

Or is love a book

You’re glad you’ve read

Is love a place you can reach

Should you want to go

Or is love a thing you can see or smell

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Getting Married-May 27th

I don't usually indulge is such shameless self promotion of my persona life (professional live, why yes, of course), but when else can I get away with it than when I'm getting married. Therefore, I will take this moment to brag. Yes, we may be legally married, but this is the Wedding :)

First of all, we're having our ceremony and reception at the lovely Hostess House

Then we're going on an 11 day Intermediate cruise! Visit our honeyfund at, the free honeymoon registry

I"m so excited. I just have to get through this school year first :(