Saturday, August 8, 2009


Once, I was powerful
Atop a noble steed.
Once, I was a weapon
Brandished with a gleam.
Once, I was a danger.
Once, once I was sharp.
Once, I made leaders
And followers.
Once, I stood between
Life and death.

Now, I am brittle
As dry leaves in the fall.
Now, I stand for nothing
But a shadow of yesteryear.
Now, I am just a twig.
Now, now I am dull and damaged
Now, I am left by the wayside
Now, I have met death
And it has taken everything.

I have tumbled from my high place.
I have touched the ground.
I have been remounted
Placed in a glass case.
I have been used
As a model for something that was great.
I have been reminded
Of what I am no longer.

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