Saturday, August 8, 2009

Robotical Girl

If you could say
Your heart was breaking
At least then,
It wouldn’t be broken

If you could say
That you’re still crying
At least then,
You’d still have tears

There is wisdom in pain
Innocence is bliss
An even trade I’ve heard
If you play checkers-
With the devil

Time won’t heal all
Hear death’s call…
Soft and eerie

Let its sound
Drown out the pound
Of your silent heart

Let cold fingers
Wipe away
Your non-existent tears
As the mirror reflects
Your unbroken smile
Born of practice
Through teeth clenched tight

Robotical girl
Buttons all pushed
Motions human smooth
Dance little girl
To music soft and sweet

Your heart will be our secret
Your smile will be the lock
My tongue will be the key
I’ll keep it, while I want it
Sell it when I don’t
And you will dance-
Dance, dance
On the wooden stage I built
‘Till the final curtain call
For your audience of none.

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