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My Sister: The Mountain in My Life (from the preteen years of obvious titles:)

This story begins on a spring morning in Paris: It was a lovely morning the birds were singing, the flowers were blooming, and Cynthia Fairfax was taking a walk quite unaware that her life was about to change.
While she was walking she noticed a young man coming towards her she tried to ignore him but it was no use. “Bonjour Mademoiselle Emma Fairfax” he said with a slight bow.
“Good day sir but I’m not who you think. ” She replied curtly.
“But you look so like the young actress.”
“I am her sister if you must know! and I wish I did not have to be. Now if you would be so kind as to let me be on my way?”
“I will not be so kind.”
“I beg your pardon!”
“What I mean is ,if you would hold your temper for just a minute, may I walk with you?”
“You are very impertinent, but I suppose there is no way to stop you from doing as you please.”
“Thank you. So you are the actress’s sister, tell me how does feel to be related to some one so talented?”
“Actually it’s no heaven on earth my sister is quite a snob.”
“ Is that why no one ever hears of you, is she an attention hog?”
“Why yes she is, and it’s because of her no one ever notices me.”
“ And I guess you have you have a lot talent too, well you certainly aren’t ugly. Hey I’ll tell you what, meet me at the dock at eight O’clock tonight. I have connections, you’ll be bigger hit than your sister with me at your side. And with a face as pretty as yours you are sure to be a star in no time.” Then he turned and walked off leaving a blushing Cynthia behind wondering why she was blushing after talking to such a brazen young man.
She continued her walk deciding she would not go and see that boy at the dock, after all she really knew nothing about him. When she reached her home Emma was practicing her song for an audition in front of their parents, Cynthia tried to call to them but they wouldn’t pay attention. She ran up to her room and sat on her bed to cry. Nobody ever paid attention to her, it was like they had forgotten she existed. Then she thought ‘I’ll go to the dock tonight, what’s to lose if he’s a criminal and kills me he’ll end my horrible life, if he helps me I can start a better life.’
That night at the appointed time she went to the dock. The young man was leaning against a post. Cynthia walked up to him and said “Before you say anything tell me your name?”
“It’s only fair you know mine since I know your name, I’m Antonio Rivvairo, at your service.”
“Then you are not a criminal?”
“ Of course not! But if you though me a criminal why did you come, did you like some thing about me?” He said coming a step closer to her.
“Certainly not Monsieur Rivvairo. I only though that if you were a criminal and killed me you would end a life that didn’t want to be lived, and if you did help me I could start a better life.”
“Very well then. Any how I asked you to come here because my friend is holding an audition for a famous play called the Phantom of the Opera Now depending on how good your acting skills are I might be able to get you a role. Are you willing to try?”
“Of course sir.”
“Then meet me at the theater tomorrow evening at five. And please call me Antonio.”
Cynthia couldn’t wait till the next day, but in preparation for it she practiced her singing and acting. All day she was nervous and fidgeted with any thing she could get her hands on. Finally it was time for the audition. She walked over to the theater, Antonio was waiting out side for her, he held the door open for her and then led her to the back room were the audition was taking place.
The director walked over to Antonio and clapped him on the back, they said a few things to each other then Antonio introduced Cynthia.
While they were talking she studied the director and her surroundings , the man seemed nice and agreeable the the place seemed to match his disposition except for the stage which was set to look like a dark opera house.
During the audition Cynthia tried to forget herself and be the part, but she was sure that she failed. She was very surprised when the director grasped her hand and said “That was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen, you’ve got the leading role for sure.”
Once outside the building Antonio told Cynthia that she was so good she didn’t need his help getting parts and that he would leave her to go her own way. but she told him that she didn’t know how to find auditions and that she needed an agent, he agreed to the part.
When Cynthia was at home she told her family that she was going to be in a play and if they would like to see her. her mother replied with “If we must dear.” and her sister said “You shouldn’t try and follow me in show biz when you know you’re not half as good as me.”
On the night of the play Cynthia and her family drove to the theater, her family joined the audience and she went back stage to meet her agent. “I’m so nervous, yet so happy at the same time I just know that when my family sees me act they’ll never forget me again. And it’s all thanks to you.”
“You’re welcome I guess but know you’d better go get ready.” Stuttered Antonio.
Cynthia gave a dazzling performance and when the show was done she went to go meet her family. But alas, they had left already, Cynthia was crushed. In a daze she ran into the surprised arms of Antonio. He didn’t know what else to do so he just held her while she deliriously muttered “They’re gone, they’re gone.”
Cynthia now felt that she was hated by her family, so with out any protest from them she moved out into her own apartment that was close to the theater and Antonio. At least he cared about her a little {actually he cared more than she knew.}.
Cynthia got more attention from him than she expected. He got her into many more plays the biggest play he got was a the The Eternal Works of Hamlet this play was so expensive only the rich and powerful could afford to see it, and Cynthia was playing the lead role the only problem was that Emma had the second best role.
After the play Emma never spoke to her sister again, but her parents decided to accept Cynthia they explained to her that they’d just gotten carried away with Emma’s amazingness but they still loved her and they were very proud of her. Then Cynthia and her parents and Antonio went out to dinner.
Soon after that Cynthia and Antonio were engaged.
Then next year was even better for Cynthia she and Antonio were married and they had one beautiful daughter named Emerald, Cynthia also became even more acknowledged than her sister in the world of acting. She was now very close to her parents and they had even given Cynthia’s daughter a small kitten which Antonio dubbed TaTa.
Cynthia now had a wonderful life that was full of love because she had found a friend {actually the friend found her} that had given her the strength to climb over and pass the mountain in her life.

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