Saturday, August 8, 2009


When you were a child
You could lie in the green summer grass,
Under the hot sun
Watching the blue blue sky
With its white white clouds.
A summer that seemed like it could never end
In a year that seemed forever.

But you knew fall, then winter
Would come.
Bringing a new year
A year that would carry you
One step closer
To that indefinable something.

Laying there, in the grass
With it cushioning you-
Tickling you-
Scratching you…
You knew that pain and pleasure mixed.

Some little bug
Buzzed in your ear
Whispering secrets-
You couldn’t understand.
You were young and old that day
A growing day
You could never forget
And never remember.

A feeling
Like a dream
You think you’ve had before.
Moving would break the spell
Of sun and grass and secrets
So you lay there still,
The way part of you always will
Becoming more you
Even as you were nobody
And somebody, as everybody always is.

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