Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sindy Harper #2: Case of the Mysterious Ghost (from the preteen years)

“Oh, I just can’t wait to get to the warehouse.” Said ten year old Sindy Harper. Sindy and her friends Beth Johnson. Talia Cooper, Tom Husk, Brad Ford, and Jason Fisher were going to an old Sacramento warehouse said to be haunted because several people reported ghost sightings there.
Sindy and her friends arrived at the warehouse and began to look around when all of a sudden there sounded a long howl that sent every body but Tom flying out of the building. Every one thought it was Tom so they went back inside. A little later every body went home sad because they had found nothing. But they decided to to keep investigating the town, the people and the warehouse.
The next day they all went back to the warehouse. What could be lurking in an old warehouse they thought as they entered one of it’s dark empty rooms. The next thing they new they heard a a door slam and the room became pitch black, Sindy and Jason quickly ran to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. They all wondered who locked the door, was it a human or a ghost!?
Meanwhile their moms walked the floor while their dads tried to form search parties.
Back at the warehouse sindy and her friends were having a scary encounter with the so called ghost. The ghost walked up to Sindy and said “Say your prayers, because this is the last breath you’ll ever breathe again!”
Then he pulled off the mask and sheets that made him look like a ghost to reveal nobody but Marcus Flench an escaped convict from the Sacramento prison. He had been put away for life for murder, theft, and a whole bunch of other sick crimes. He held up a gun and was just about to shoot them when.....Their parents with some police and police dogs barged in and apprehended Marcus Flench So Called Ghost, AKA: felon!
Later that day Marcus Flench was a jailbird once again, and we were safe at home. I think we’ve had enough danger for a few years or longer, so don’t expect to hear about us for a long time. Case closed. This is Sindy Harper over and out

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