Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Promise and a Prayer

And so you say
We’re too young to know the way
But it wasn’t we who got us lost
Who stacked up all the cost.
We started no wars
Ignored no broken voices.
It wasn’t we who yelled
There is no Jesus
It wasn’t we who said
That sin will please us
We tied no nooses-
Around necks
We didn’t divide the world in two-
Us and you.
We sent no soldiers to the sky
We made no lonely children cry.
But silently we will bear the debt
You have not regret
We will treat the pain
We will regain…
Rebuild, redo…
Reuse, refuse…
Re-glue the shards of yesteryear
Broken, though, they’ll always be
We may not know the way
We youth of now
But we’ve got ears to hear
And eyes to see
And mouths to shut
And hands to do what you have not.


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