Saturday, August 8, 2009

Epiphany #1

Muscles tight, taut

Strong with blue blood

That runs through your veins

Feeding your healthy heart.

Energy rippling through you

What can bring you down?

No, not nothing.

No, not frigid winter days

No, not hellish summer heat

Not fights fought

Won or lost

No, not nothing.

Then why?

Why did we finally find you

Half buried in the rushes and reeds

Wasted away, shriveled

Eyes pecked out by birds

Who did not fancy worms

Carcass hollow, gray maggots writhing inside.

What could bring you down?

Samson, did you sleep, your head in Delilah's lap?

Did she shear your lovely locks?

Did Judas, his lips, touch your cheek?

No, I guess not.

Someone says they parted your fur

And saw several fat ticks

Blackish, bluish, stuffed with your blood

Heads still buried in your skin

Mingled with fleas still snipping

Nipping what they can, scurrying

Lice still hatching their nasty nits

Still clinging to their host.

Don't worry,

They'll leave soon.

You have to be alive

For them to stay.

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