Saturday, August 8, 2009


she is rock
and her hair is gray and grizzled
but her eyes sparkle with a shine
that neither you nor me will know
she has laughed and loved in her time
and the secrets that she's shared-
are in her heart still held
but her mind is truly muddled
and the time she cannot tell
the newspaper never comes
the milkman doesn’t milk
through the glossiness on her glasses
only strangers does she see
but she is rock
a queen who couldn't quit
and her hands tremble with the tears
she didn't dare to drop
as she still listens for the voices lost
feels for friends
she rarely can remember
still searching for the self
she desperately desires
but through the tough and tumble
the pain persists to press
going even while it's gone
whining, wandering, whispering
and she is still rock
as she stares straight ahead
to a tune that's lost its tone
while it meandered in her mind

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