Saturday, August 8, 2009

Long Founded Truth (from the preteen years)

When the angels told me long ago
Where I was to live
I asked them who my mother was
For in her arms I’d lie.
Then I asked them who my father was
For in his steps I’d follow.

They showed me someone brave and strong
With high ideas of right and wrong.
They said that we would clash in thought
But I’d being stronger for having fought.
They whispered of your integrity, faith, love…
Words I barely knew.

They told me secrets-
They’d never told
An unborn babe before.
With dark wide eyes
I wondered why
These angels chose to speak.

The answered back,
So that I’d know
The gift
They’d given me
Of a father who would make me sound
And who would never let me down.

A father who
So very few
Could have an equal to.
Then they marked me
“Daddy’s Girl”
And sent me down to you.

But in the fall from Heaven
All their words were lost
And in the years to come
I had to learn them all again
So I could give the thanks I owe
For your being all you are.

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