Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sindy Harper #1: Case of the Strange Writing (from the preteen years when I didn't know how to spell "cindy")

It was a normal day, Dad had just finished jury duty. Mom and Dad left me and my brother Jake, home alone, so they could pick up the car from the shop. When they came back everything was still normal. Or was it?
Dad had to go to San Francisco on a job meeting, just as he was driving out of the garage he noticed some drawing on the garage door, but he only had time to tell Mom to call the police. When Dad left no one was around, or was there? Behind the bushes a gang member hid watching, waiting, and listening but he ran away when he heard the police were coming.
The policeman arrived and read the writing, he said “Crip Cuzz” ment friend of a gang. He said he couldn’t read the other words but would send some one over who could.
Later that day Mom called the police to see if they had sent any one over, they said they did. They also said the person the sent could not decipher the writing. But had he ever come to the house?
I asked if Beth, Talia, Brad, Tom, and Jason and I could investigate in the park across the street. Mom said we could but if we saw any one we were to come right back, we said we would. That night we went to the park at dusk, we looked around no one was there, we were about to leave when we saw a small light flicker. We were just about to decide whether or not we should leave. I said “ We didn’t really see any one, did we?” but Beth said “ A person had to be making the light.” When some thing hit us all on the head. The next thing we knew we were tied to a tree and gagged! ‘Will any one find us before dark?’ were our exact thoughts.
Fortunately My west highland terrier, Pup had secretly followed us and now had run home to get my parents. Once at home Pup made himself a pest jumping, and licking and pulling people’s pants legs. Mom and Dad knew he didn’t usually act like that, that and he had followed us to the park, and would whenever leave by himself followed him back to the park.
When they found us they quickly untied the ropes and asked us what happened. We told them all we new ending with at least we saw their faces while they were tying us up.
Later that day we all went to the police station and found up that the police who was supposed to have come to our house was a gang member. He had gotten a job with the police because he lied and used a fake identity. The police also found out that his gang made some of their members get job in the law so that they could pull strings and get the other members out of trouble. Oh yeah, he and the rest of his gang are behind bars! Or are they?

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