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Love and Jealousy (from the preteen years)

Once upon a time in a far away town, in a far away time there lived two sisters who were very close. There names were Roxanne the fair and Sapphire the beautiful. And so they lived together harmoniously, growing in beauty and wisdom. But too much tranquillity soon leads to a disturbance of some sort, whether domestic or fatal you will soon see.
In the fifteenth summer of Roxanne’s existence and fourteenth of Sapphire’s a stranger “tall, dark, and handsome” came from who knows where to the sisters’ town. Now if you know anything of “small towns” you will know that there usually is only one or so desirable young men presiding in it. This particular boy was that to the sisters.
It soon became obvious that that boy, Alonso his name was, favored the latter sister over the first. Roxanne was not a treacherous, evil, or scheming girl but she felt very deeply that it should be her turn first to be in love maybe even married, after all Sapphire was still only a child. She couldn’t know what love was yet, probably he was using her for something, and poor, dear Sapphire was giving him her heart. Yes, it was up to Roxanne to make her sister see her error.
While Roxanne was feeling all this, Sapphire and Alonso were gliding along happily. They went fishing, swimming, walking. berry picking and sometimes just talking alone. They in their bliss, were unaware that Roxanne form the shadows of the trees, with narrow eyes, was watching them, trying desperately to see what her sister had that she didn’t.
It was know that Sapphire was prettier and better liked than Roxanne, because she had shining auburn hair and sparkling gray eyes, because she had a ready smile, a quick mind, and fiery spirit. While Roxanne was pretty with her shiny black hair and eyes, she was regularly moody, quiet, and serious. Even though she was friendly her sister had more of a natural charm about her. Finally deciding that this was what made Sapphire more alluring to Alonso, Roxanne sought a remedy.
Roxanne made up her mind to go to Mordred white witch of the mountain who was helpful and kind and commonly gave magic spells to those who requested them.
“Mordred, come to my aid!” Called Roxanne when she had reached her destination.
“ I am no one’s servant. I answer to no commands. My life is for not serving people like yourself! I am more than willing to help those who need it, but I will serve no one!”
“I beg your pardon, but in my urgency I had forgotten my manners. I am in great need of a spell.”
‘Very well then apology accepted. What pray tell do you need exactly?”
“You see there is man who was terribly in love with me and I with him. But an evil sorceress used her powers to make herself wonderfully perfect to him. She gave herself charm and beauty. If you would be so kind as to give me a spell that would take these things away I would be ever grateful.”
“You are surly in a predicament. I will help you.” Then Mordred began to chant “Ashkab Ingo Fronm” first slow then faster and faster, until a cloud of smoke appeared and when it cleared it left behind a smell jeweled flask.
The witch picked up the container and said
“Beware, beware. I
If thou is fibbing
Tables turned
And hair be burned
What you wished to do
Is done on you
Beware, beware!
“Thank you Mordred.” Said Roxanne as the witch disappeared.
When the witch was gone Roxanne turned and ran through the woods back to her home. Once at home Roxanne cooked up a special meal through which she might feed her sister the spell. To complete her revengeful act she invited Alonso to dinner so that he might witness the downfall of Sapphire.
After the dinner Roxanne brought out the dessert, it was a delicious chocolate cake. Roxanne new her sister could never resist a rich, sweet, chocolate cake so she made one with a red icing rose on top and she dropped the poison right in its center. She made sure she gave Sapphire the correct slice.
When Sapphire saw the rose she immediately scooped it up with her fork and ate it. Smoke swirled around her, colors flashed, a great wind blew through the front door and put out their lights. In a second the light was back. Alonso tried to rush to Sapphire but Roxanne held down in his seat with amazing strength and she said cunningly and menacingly.
“Alonso, there is your precious darling, exposed for what she really is an old, croaking hag.”
Recovering his strength he freed himself from her grasp and asked her “What have you done?”
“ I have done nothing, don’t be so hasty in your judgment.” Then softening she cried “Oh Alonso, I now how you must feel to know that the person you thought you loved was this creature in truth. But dear you still have me, I have no evil secrets no hidden lies, I am as pure and white and beautiful as fresh snow, comfort yourself with me.”
“I am not so easily fooled, Do you think I have not seen your obvious attempts to turn me from her to you. I know you have done something to her treacherous witch!”
Seeing that he was in a rage she said “ I guess I’ll be leaving now, I’ll come back when you’re ready to face the truth.
When Roxanne was gone Alonso took Sapphires frail body and put her in a bed, she could hardly talk and she looked like she was eighty, but her eyes still sparkled. Alonso made sure she was comfortable then he headed for the woods in search of Mordred.
Upon arriving at Mordred’s mountain he called out “ Mordred please come to me you have made a horrible mistake.”
She appeared in a cloud of smoked and answered “ You here about that girl who asked me for a spell to make youth and charm vanish, no doubt. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted her but I didn’t want to believe that such a sweet looking girl could be evil. Tell me your story.”
Roxanne the girl you speak of, has put a spell on her sister. The sister is now old, frail, and she has no sense or anything even remotely appealing about her. Please there must be something you can do.”
“I guess you do not love this sister any more, because she has lost her charm?”
“ Of course not! But I would like her to be back to normal.”
“ And if she can’t be restored you will have nothing to do with her?”
“No I will still love her, but do you not think it would be better for her to be the same person or at least the same age as she was?”
“ Yes I do. So I will help you.” Then she waved her hands and a little bottle appeared. “ This is a justice potion it will fix your girl and punish and punish the evil one. ”Mordred informed him.
“ Thank you. Tell me please, how I should use it.”
“ Pour half the bottle in the good sister’s mouth and the other half pour on the bad sister’s head. Remember not to mix up the directions. Now go!”
Alonso went. He poured half the liquid in Sapphire’s mouth and waited. Sapphire was lifted off her bed and spun around twice when she was put on the bed again she was her old self. She and Alonso kissed and did a few other things, then he told her what the witch had said and what he must do, he also asked her how he should go about finding Roxanne. Sapphire thought up a plan and Alonso carried it out.
Alonso went to a certain cabin in the woods were Sapphire told him her sister would be. Roxanne was there, so Alonso went up to the door and called.
“ Roxanne my love, I see the truth. Please come out and talk to me I am sorry for disbelieving you.’
Roxanne threw open the door and hugged him. While she hugged him he quickly poured the potion on her head. Suddenly she cried out
“Beware, beware
Tables turned
And hair be burned
What you wished to do
Is done on you
Beware, beware!”
Then she fell to the ground, she had no hair, she was old, and plain, and quite senseless. Alonso picked up the girl and carried her home to her sister.
Sapphire rushed to the bed were Alonso had put Roxanne, when she saw her she said “ My poor sister what have you done, what has been done to you?”
“ I am no more, I have done undoable things but yet they have been done and undone. My sister and my sister’s husband I am sorry”
“ Oh Roxanne I believe you. I promise I’ll go to Mordred and beg her to restore you.”
“ And you know we’re not married yet.” Chimed in Alonso.
“ But you will be it is ment to be. Sapphire don’t go to Mordred, if you wish to help me kill me, for I can not live with my self or my victims.”
“ Don’t be silly dear we forgive you, and we want you back to your old self again.”
“ I can Never be my old self again, and I can never forget what I have done, do not try to save me just let me die!” Then Roxanne turned her back to Sapphire and Alonso.
Sapphire went anyway, to Mordred and returned with a spell to restore Roxanne. When Roxanne was normal again she hugged her sister and Alonso, ate a meal with and then told them she was going for a walk by her self and not to expect her back soon. They never saw her again.
Two years later Sapphire and Alonso were married and had a daughter. They called the girl Annabelle in memory of her aunt, they dared not name her anne or roxanne in case she should have the same fate as Roxanne. They also lived in another house that Alonso had built for them because Sapphire would not raise her child in a house that had tragic memories and maybe evil spirits. In November that year they had a funeral for Roxanne. They did not know whether or not she was really dead, but she was dead to them.
“ She may not be dead you know?” Alonso told Sapphire with his arm around her, the funeral had been hard for her even though she showed no emotion.
“ Yes but I’ll still never see her again. ”She answered with tears in her eyes.
“Why you crying Mother, is you hurted?” Asked little Annabelle.
“No dear I’m fine. I’ll tell you all about this when your are older.”
Hand in hand with Sapphire carrying Annabelle they turned and walked home. Sapphire glanced back just once to see the gravestone that said “ May we meet again my sister, in this world or the next.”

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