Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fantasy Plays (pre-preteen years)

Cynthia Rivvairo had just auditioned for the play Alone in the Night, and she got the lead role. She was going to be a lady, who’s horse runs away with her and takes her to an unknown forest. She was very excited because this was to be her first play since the birth of her daughter Emerald.
The next few weeks were exciting because baby Emerald was going to be in the play Sleeping Beauty, she was going to be Sleeping Beauty when she was a baby. Her play was the day before her mother’s.
Then next day Emerald spent the day with her grandparents while her parents took care of some business. Antonio Cynthia’s husband and agent insisted that TaTa Emerald’s kitten go with her to her grandparents house because when the cat was left alone it kept playing with the drapes and ripping them. At the end of the day when Cynthia picked up her child, Emerald and TaTa were both sound asleep from the fun they had had at Grandma’s. Cynthia took TaTa home and got Emerald ready for her play. Since she was already sleeping she didn’t have to pretend, so every one thought she was a good actor when she wasn’t even acting.
All the next day every one talked about Cynthia’s play. At the time of the play Cynthia’s whole family escorted her to her dressing room. When they left she started to dress, when she was done she drank the water that was left for her on the table. Cynthia was about to leave the room, but she started to feel dizzy so she went to sit in the chair but she never made it, instead she passed out and fell to the ground.
In a little while her attendant came to to tell her it was time to go on stage. She found Cynthia on the floor and thought she was dead and began to scream. The director came to see what was going on he called the hospital and the play was postponed.
The next day the play was tried again, Cynthia’s family was a little scared but the play went smoothly. Cynthia had learned to be the part and not herself so even though she was scared it did not affect her acting.
The day after the play Antonio hired a detective and a lawyer. The detective thought Cynthia’s attendant was to blame, that afternoon he was found dead along with the lawyer. Because of that, the attendant was put under surveillance until the solving of the crimes. Antonio then hired an undercover detective who took two weeks to find that the attendant was not to blame because the understudy was the real criminal. She was second best actor after Cynthia and would have been the best if she had gotten the lead role in that play. The detective also found out that she had become second best through the mysterious death of Cynthia’s older sister Emma Fairfax which she had caused. The convict was sentenced life in prison with no chance of parole.

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