Saturday, August 8, 2009

Night Terrors

Soft inhale, exhale, of breath
Peacefully as you’re asleep
Calms the fears that rise in me.
I’m alone, you’re someplace else
Just across the sheets from me.
In the dark I’m drowning.
Pulled, pushed, compressed,
Insanity is rising,
As my heart, and mind, races
With a world that spins too fast.
Knees drawn to chest, head on arms
Folded, I am self-contained.
While you sigh, tangled in sleep
Versus my rapid-fire breathing.
Insanity is rising
I want to whisper to you.
Can you hear my silent screams?
Your muted lips answer, no.
Once again I will rise up
Pushing insanity back down
And by morning I will be
Pressed against you, tamed.

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