Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Prisoner

In his lonely cell
He sits, thinking of the hell
His life has been.
Unfairly judged, unfairly sentenced.
He was there under another’s pretence.

From some place did come a glow
It was from that crack, dubbed a window.
Slowly, slowly, does he pace
To look upon an unseen grace.

Stone wall hides all
To his own mind does he fall.
Sunlight, sunlight, sunlight
Is his vision
In the horrible, hated prison.

He bangs agsinst his cage
In rage.
Why dream dreams that never will be?
Why harbor thoughts of being free?

But hope he must
And hope he will.

Footsteps soft and steady
A pastor come to get him ready.
Cutting through the silence like a knife
The jailer come to end his life.

Down the isle while others look on
Through a door with it’s curtains drawn.
Sunlight shines upon the gallows.

To the cry
“Any Last Words?”
This was the reply
“What more
(My dream has been met)
Do I have to live for.
And with his eyes to the star that shines in the day
Did forever the prisoner his burdens lay.
So was the life of the convict.
His story told.
His life come to a fold.

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